Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sun Dancing...

In honor of Super____ Weekend, I will give everybody a much needed break and not mention the Super____ at all.  See, I don't even type the whole word!

Instead, let's consider the Sundance Grand Jury award winning movie Like Crazy.  It was shot on a Canon 7D and recently purchased by Paramount Pictures...

So here we have proof that with a camera YOU can buy or easily rent tomorrow, you can:
A - get into Sundance
B - win Sundance
C - sell a movie to Hollywood

All it takes is the usual skill, talent, dedication, time, effort and frugal use of whatever budget you have or almost have or don't have.  Well, you get the idea.  I have heard that the 7D they used was modified to take PL mount lenses.  I haven't been able to verify that yet, but either way, 'tis certainly a more accessible route to go than even a Red camera.

My point with all this is simply that Like Crazy is a wonderful example of the potential of HDSLR cameras.

And that is something worth thinking about...

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